IIUM Legal Clinic

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The clinic provides legal advice to the general public, especially to the community of IIUM (staff & students) for free. The clinic opens its doors to those in need of legal advice. The clinic is run by a panel of consultants from the Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws. It's main aim is to provide legal advice and if the need arises will forward the cases to a panel of attorneys  attached to the clinic. 


Frequently Asked Questions About IIUM Legal Clinic

(1) What is IIUM Legal Clinic?

IIUM Legal Clinic is a legal services office located on the second floor of Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws' Building at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Gombak [next to Post Graduate Office]. The purpose of IIUM Legal Clinic is to provide free legal advice to public at large and IIUM community.

(2) What is Service Offered by IIUM Legal Clinic?

IIUM Legal Clinic provides consultation in all field of laws either in Civil or Islamic law. The consultation will be provided by lecturers from Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws in their expertise field. For examples, Contract law, Land law, Defamation, and Criminal Procedures.

(3) When should you seek legal advice?

There are some common situations when you should get legal advice;

- You have been sued or threatened with a lawsuit

- You have a dispute over legal documents such as a loan and lease agreements.

- You need a divorce or children custody.

- On issues relating to faraid, harta sepencarian, hibah, wasiat and other.

- And other issues relating to laws.

(4) How much the fee charged for the consultation?

There is no fee charged for the consultation. It is free.

(5) What are procedures to the legal consultations?

You can contact this no. (03-61964390) or walk in to make an appointment.


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