Message from the Present Dean

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious and Most Merciful


Assalammu'alaikum wrb wrt.At AIKOL, the wisdom of Islamic Law is intertwined and enhanced in the legal syllabus, thereby opening doors or avenues to students who wish to pursue not only LL.B (Hons.) but also the LL.B (Shari'ah) course.

AIKOL is a unique Law School that provides diverse career opportunities in the legal and related industries. AIKOL's Law Graduates are well equipped both in Civil Law and Islamic Law to analyse complex issues, find solutions, conduct research, hold negotiations, form legal arguments and contribute to decision-making at various levels. These skills are invaluable in a variety of occupations.

Another distinctive feature of AIKOL that contributes to its status as a leading Law School is its pool of academic staffs (80% having their doctorate qualitficaiton) who are experts in an array of diversified and specialised subjects. This team of high-calibre lecturers, who are renowned for their dedication in research, are also active in presenting their research output in national and international conferences.

Our staff are also dedicated teachers who employ innovative teaching methods that include Problem-Based Learning, Clinical Legal Education and E-Learning, in order to mould, nurture and inculcate constructive and critical minds in students. This would not only bring great advantage to the legal fraternity in the future but will also assist students in preparing themselves to face the dynamic challenges of globalisation.