AIKOL Alumni

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Coordinator, AIKOL Alumni


  1. To establish a strong network between those who have graduated from AIKOL, or who have once served AIKOL with AIKOL.
  2. To create a database comprising information relating to AIKOL Alumni particularly the successful ones.
  3. To assist the Head of the Legal Practice Department and Coordinator of the Law Attachment Programme in identifying practicing lawyers among AIKOL alumni who can participate in programs relating to the enhancement of students’ soft skills.
  4. To assist the Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs) and the Head of the Legal Practice Department in identifying practicing lawyers and other professionals among AIKOL alumni who can help to enhance the professional capacities of AIKOL staff.
  5. To seek the registration of the AIKOL alumni as a registered society.
  6. To assist AIKOL in all matters relating to alumni.



Assoc. Professor Dr. Shamrahayu Ab. Aziz


Position -  Coordinator, AIKOL Alumni
Qualifications -  LL.B (IIUM), LL.B Shariah (IIUM), MCL (IIUM), DSLP (IIUM), Ph.D (IIUM)
Department -  Islamic Law
Area of Specialisation -  Constitutional Law
Sub-specialisation -  Human Rights Law, Syariah Criminal Procedure
Area of Interest - Islamic Law of Evidence, Islamic Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Administration of Islamic Law in Malaysia
Email -
Telephone -  (603) 61964235  Room -  2.108