Department of Legal Practice

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Mohd Darbi Bin Hashim
Head of Department
Email Address
Telephone No. (OFF) : (6) 03-61964247

Siti Rohaya bt Zakaria
Administrative Assistant (C/O)
Extension 4243


Legal Practice Department was officially set up on the 1st of June 2011. The department is located at level 4 of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws building. The main purpose of setting up this department is to manage all Procedural law courses mainly taught at level 4 of the year of study and legal skills courses such as legal method and compulsory moots.

Rationale for the set-up of Legal Practice Department

The reasons were explained in the Proposal for Restructuring of Departments in Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of laws which was prepared by the Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs) and the Steering Committee for creation of the Legal Practice Department dated 24th January 2011.

  1. Level 4 is a crucial year for LL.B students as all the professional papers are taught during this year thus careful planning and administration of all courses taught in level 4 under one department is appropriate.
  2. Level 4 subjects are specialized in terms of teaching method where inculcation of a higher level of practical skills and more formative assessment is expected. This puts a heavy load on both the instructor and students. Thus specialized and careful planning and management of the teaching and learning of these subjects would ensure better quality of instructors and students.
  3. Special attention in developing the level procedural courses will be assured with the Head of this proposed department being a member of AIKOL’s EXCO.
  4. All matters relating to the coordination and curricular activities of level 4 students at AIKOL are presently handled by the Legal Practice Unit (LPU) which has only one coordinator but is not supported by an office or administrative staff. There is a need to create better infrastructure for the Legal Practice Unit and this can best be achieved by upgrading the LPU into a full-fledged academic department in AIKOL.
  5. There is currently a dire need for more experienced and skilled staff to handle level 4 procedural courses. The sourcing and training of suitable academic staff cab be better executed through the proposed department.
  6. Having regard to the feedback gained from the industry an AIKOL graduates, there is a need for proper grooming of level 4 students to prepare them to serve the Malaysian Bar and AG’s Chambers.
  7. Locating all level 4 procedural papers under one department puts AIKOL at a better strategic position to face the proposed Common Bar Course (CBC) mooted by the Malaysian Bar and AG’s Chambers.
  8. To prepare for the introduction of the double major programmes at AIKOL and the possibility of offering the courses at the Legal Practice Department for graduates of the double major programmes who wish to practice. (4+1).



The department is entrusted with the following functions:

  1. To manage and coordinate the teaching and learning of level 4 procedural law and legal skills courses;
  2. To monitor the development and quality control of level 4 procedural and skills courses;
  3. To supervise, manage and coordinate the contents and publication of teaching modules for profit outcome;
  4. To assume  all matters managed by the Legal Practice Unit (LPU);
  5. To facilitate the administration of the Law Attachment Programme managed by the Director of the Law Attachment Programme;
  6. To facilitate the administration of the Competition Moots coordinated by the Moots Master/ Coordinator.
  7. To spearhead and coordinate AIKOL Legal Clinic managed by the Coordinator of the Legal Clinic;
  8. To organize “Training of trainers workshop” in order to enhance current practical skills and knowledge of academic members;
  9. To organize talks by industry professionals aiming to equip, enhance and improve soft skills among the level 4 students.
  10. To propose Law Dining and Etiquette course for level 4 students with a system for automatic deduction of the costs for the dinner from the tuition fees.