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Name Position Extension no. Email More Info
Sa'idatul Bariah Bt. Ahmad Administrative Officer 4286 saidatul@iium.edu.my More Info »
Omar Shariff Bin Sagol Amit Administrative Officer 4258 omar_shariff@iium.edu.my More Info »
Mohd Nizam Bin Abdul Aziz Administrative Officer 4289 mohdnizampgpf@iium.edu.my More Info »
Misrol Bin Amri Assistant Administrative Officer 4257 misrol@iium.edu.my More Info »
Norbaini Bt. Alias Office Secretary 4290 norbaini@iium.edu.my More Info »
Nor Hayati Binti Abdul Latif Office Secretary 4355 nhayati_al@iium.edu.my More Info »
Khairun Nisa Bt Bachok Office Secretary 4282 khairunnisa@iium.edu.my More Info »
Zanariah Bt Osman Office Secretary 4280 shahzana@iium.edu.my More Info »
Siti Safiyah Binti Awang Kechik Assistant Administrative Officer 3325 sitisafiyah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Hamizah Binti Zainuddin Assistant Administrative Officer 4345 hamizah@iium.edu.my More Info »

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