Professor Francisco CHINESTA


  Professor of Computational Mechanics at Ecole Centrale of Nantes (France) a high school of engineering -.

  Member of the GeM research laboratory in mechanical engineering (CNRS - Ecole Centrale Nantes).

  Titular of the EADS Corporate Foundation International Chair on Advanced Modeling (Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics) of Material Forming.

  Associated member of the Polymer Group at the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge (UK).

  Editor in chief of International Journal of Material Forming, Springer.


Francisco Chinesta, born in 1966, obtained his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1990) and later his Ph.D. (1993) from the University of Valencia (Spain). He is currently Professor of Computational Mechanics and titular of an EADS Corporate Foundation International Chair at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France).


His main research topics concern: (i) novel and advanced computational techniques for simulating solid and fluid mechanics and theirs related forming processes: meshless techniques, model reduction strategies, efficient treatment of models defined in highly dimensional spaces usually encountered in the finest description of the structure and mechanics of materials; (ii) numerical modeling of forming processes involving large geometrical transformations, non-linear multi-physics couplings, localization (shear bands, ) and evolving discontinuities, and (iii) the development of accurate numerical strategies for solving multi-scale, multi-physics and multidimensional models typically encountered in the modeling of complex material transformations, where the models scale from the finest descriptions (ab initio quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, Brownian dynamics or kinetic theory) to the coarsest macroscopic level where the processes take place.


Francisco Chinesta is author of around 480 scientific works, with more than 140 papers in scientific journals, 30 contributions to research books and about 300 contributions to conference proceedings. He received in 2000 the ESAFORM (European Scientific Association on Material Forming) award and in 2008 the French national research prize Maurice Couette for his contribution in computational rheology. He given numerous (about 40) keynote or plenary lectures in international conferences on material forming, computational mechanics and rheology. He is the editor in chief for the International Journal of Material Forming (published by Springer) and belongs to the scientific committee of different journals: the European Journal of Computational Mechanics, Applied Rheology, Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, He contributed to the organization of more than 60 conferences, supervised 18 Ph.D. thesis and has worldwide collaborations with a lot of highly recognized scientists.