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Students must pay their fees every semester before registering for courses. Students who do not receive any financial assistance are required to present the receipt of payment before they are allowed to register.

Those receiving financial assistance from organisations outside the University are required to produce, before matriculation, a letter of guarantee indicating that the organisation has agreed to bear the financial expenses of their studies at IIUM.

Successful candidates must pay the Entrance fees and the semester fees in advance prior to enrolment.

The above-mentioned rate excludes costs of travelling, food & lodging. The University, however, reserves the right to modify the rate of fees without any prior notice.



Students are required to have sufficient funds to cover expenses for one full year before commencing with their intended studies. In addition to the above-mentioned tuition and other fee, students should budget approximately US$200.00 per month for food, clothing, books, other personal requirements, stationary, any special equipment, project expenses and incidental expenses.

Sufficient funds should also be allocated for necessary travel to and from the University and the students’ place of residence.