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Application for Admission

How to apply?
You may fill up the online application form from the website and send the completed documents to Academic Management and Admission Division Office.

When is the closing date for admission?
The important dates for submission of application are as follows: Click here

How to pay the application fees?
Non-refundable application processing fee:

International applicant

  • USD$100.00 in a form of telegraphic/inward fund transfer as per bank advice payable to the Finance Director, International Islamic University Malaysia to the Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, IIUM Branch, Operating Account no.: 1407-0000004-716, swift code: BMMBMYKL or online payment which is accessible at http://epayment.iium.edu.my/register (please send original bank-in slip/proof of payment together with application form);


  • RM100.00 payable to the Finance Director, International Islamic University Malaysia to the Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, IIUM Branch, Operating Account no.: 1407-0000004-716, or online payment which is accessible at http://epayment.iium.edu.my/register (please send original bank-in slip/proof of payment together with application form)

What are the entry requirements?
Only qualifications that are equivalent to the UK A Level standard would be considered for admission into an undergraduate programme. Further information, please Click Here.

Why am I rejected?
Your application is unsuccessful due to one of the followings:

  • Not meeting the minimum entry requirement; 
  • Not meeting the specific entry requirement;
  • Your academic qualifications do not match the course you applied for;
  • The quota is full;
  • Any other reasons decided by the Students Admissions Committee (SAC).

Applicants should note that there are normally more applications than places available at the University. The fulfillment of the minimum entrance requirements alone does not guarantee admission into the University.

How much are the fees?
The fees structure are as follows:Click Here (sources by Finance Division, IIUM)

How can I get my visa?
A&R Division will apply for your "Student Pass" once you have settled all payments mentioned in the Offer Letter. For that reason you have to submit your application two (2) months before the next registration period.

How do I defer my studies?
Students who have been issued an offer of admission may apply to defer their enrolment for a maximum of two academic years. The period of deferment will not be included in the total duration of their studies.

For undergraduate students, a deferment application of this nature has to be made to the Admissions and Records Division with valid reasons and only genuine cases will be entertained by the university. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of the offer of admission.

Will I be called for an interview for admission?
If deemed necessary, applicants may also be required to attend an interview and/or take entrance test conducted by the SAC.

What course should I choose in the first semester?
Details about the curriculum structure for the respective programme are as follows: Click here

Can I pay the registration fees by cash or during registration day?
NO, payment can only be made by means of:

  • Telegraphic/inward fund transfer as per bank advice payable to the "Finance Director International Islamic University Malaysia" to the Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, IIUM Branch, Operating Account no.: 1407-0000004-716, swift code: BMMBMYKL


A copy of the bank-in slip should be forwarded to the Student Unit of Finance Division for recording of payment. If there is no submission, it is assumed no payment has been made. Please take note that payment has to be settled by the date stipulated in the Offer Letter.

Do I have to fill up the "Application Form" again if I want to reapply for admission after being dismissed from the University?
Yes, you must submit an application form for fresh admission together with the relevant documents.

What courses should I choose in the first semester?
You can refer to your study plan once you are enrolled.

When do I register for course?
You can register during the first week of your new semester. The important dates (undergraduate) for all students are as follows: Click here

What if I do not have a passport, can I apply?
Your Application Form can only be processed once you have submitted all of the following:

  • 2 copies of the international passport
  • Duly completed Undergraduate Application Form
  • Completed Financial Guarantee Form
  • Certified true copy of High School Certificate
  • Financial Undertaking Letter from your parent or sponsor
  • 4 coloured passport-sized photos

What is a financial statement?
It's an active bank statement of the sponsor.Please click here to view a sample of the financial statement

Whose "Financial Statement" do you need to submit?
Your parent's or guardian's Financial Statement. However, if you are a sponsored student please provide us a letter from the sponsor.

When can I know the result of my application for admission?
We process the complete application within two weeks, provided you submit all the required documents for the application.

How do I check the status of my application for admission?
The status of application can be checked online. Click here

Foundation Programme

What is "Foundation Programme"?
Those with the UK O Level certificate or its equivalent and with 11 years of schooling would be encouraged to apply for the foundation programme.

Why do I have to follow the "Foundation Programme"?
This is for applicants who have not met the academic requirements of the undergraduate programme yet.

How many years will I be following the "Foundation Programme"?
The minimum will be one academic year and the maximum is 2 years.

Bridging Programme

How many subjects do I have to take?
It depends on the course that you are offered. Further information, please click here.

How long is the Bridging programme?
The maximum period is two and half (2 1/2 ) academic years.

What must I do after receiving the Offer Letter for Bridging Programme?
The students have to sit for English Test, Arabic Test an Qualifying Test.

Which applicants are exempted from attending the Bridging Programme?
Applicants having the following certificates do not have to follow the Bridging programme:Click Specific Qualifications here

What are the difference between Pre-sessional, Foundation and Bridging?

  • Pre-sessional Programme is a language programme meant for those who have not fulfilled the language requirements to join the courses offered by their kulliyyah.
  • Foundation Programme is for those who come with O-level qualification or its equivalent, and they will follow courses at the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS).
  • Bridging Programme is a programme that benefits those students who went through systems that may not cover sufficient depth to follow the undergraduate programmes

Do they follow the same Academic Calendar as the undergraduate students?
Yes, they normally do.

How to apply for Foundation and Bridging programmes?
Please download and fill up the application form and submit it to the Admissions and Records Division, Gombak office. Click here

When is the Intake for Foundation and Bridging programmes?
The same as the university normal semester.

Can I be exempted from following the Bridging Programme?
Yes, provided you have passed the EPT test with a minimum of level three and passed the Qualifying Test. 

Change of Programme

When can I apply for "Change of Programme"?
Application can be made during the first semester of your studies. The Sub-Committee for Change of Programme (COP) will only consider and decide after the result of the current semester is released. The applicant will be informed of the decision latest by the first week of the new semester.

Applications from new students can only be considered after they have undergone at least one (1) semester of studies.

Change of Programme only applies to students whose credits attempted are not more than 40 credit hours.

How to apply for a "Change of Programme"?
The application must be made through your Student Portal (MYIIUM). Please submit the printable application form to the Academic Management and Admissions Division office.

How much does it cost to apply for "change of programme"?
Non-refundable processing fee of RM100 must be paid at the point of application.

When is the closing date for the application to "change of programme"?
The closing date for the application to 'Change of Programme' is stated on your Student Portal (MYIIUM).

Can I apply to change programme after receiving the offer letter?
No, you can only apply to change programme while you are attending your first semester.

Language Tests

If I come with A-Level, do I have to take the English Test at IIUM again?
Yes, the test is called English Proficiency Test (EPT) and it is compulsoryt to be taken by all new students, but if you have a TOEFL of 550 or IELTS 6.0 you may be exempted from taking the EPT.

Do I have to take the Arabic Placement Test and the Tilawah Test if I have High School Certificate from the Gulf Countries?
Yes, the test is called Arabic Placement Test (APT) and it is compulsory to be taken by all new students.

Credit Exemption

Will I get exemption or credit for subjects that I've already done previously?
Yes, you can but make sure you submit your course outlines, course contents and prospectus of your previous institution. Transfer of Credit is only applicable to applicants who wish to apply to transfer their credits from other higher institution of studies (Undergraduate Programme) to the IIUM

When should I apply for Transfer of Credit?
Transfer of Credit will be entertained after students are admitted into the university. If you wish to apply for Transfer of Credit, please comply all requirement needed as stipulated in the Application Form under Additional Information (iv).

Others (Graduation, Facilities, Calendar and etc.)

How to do the clearance?
Students must submit the completed 'Clearance Form' together with the 'Application for Full Transcript Form' to AMAD Office. The official full transcript will only be released after the senate endorses students' graduation. Downloadable form

When does your semester start?
The Academic Calendar can be viewed here.

Do you have a student exchange programme?
For further information, please click here.

Do you have a study abroad programme?
The study abroad programme is available for both inbound and outbound students. IIUM students may apply for this programme at the Office of International Affairs.

Can I apply for scholarship once I'm accepted?
Yes, students with excellent result may apply for a scholarship.

Does the university have an on-campus accommodation?
IIUM is a residential university which encourages all undergraduate students to live on campus. The residential halls are located within walking distance from university faculties and administration buildings. The postgraduate students and married students usually stay in apartments which are easily available outside the campus.

To suit the needs of our valued students, the university is now offering fully air-conditioned rooms at a reasonable rate. Our residential colleges typically provide students with individual study bedrooms containing a single bed, desk, chair and storage space for clothing and other belongings.

How far is the bank from your University?
There are three banks situated on campus at the Central Complex Business Center.

Feedback & Enquiries

Send your enquiries on undergraduate admission to » admissions@iium.edu.my or   call our general hotline:

  • + 60(3) 6196 4000 ext.: 3022 / 3023 / 3261 / 4043 / 4045/  >> International Admissions Unit
  • + 60(3) 6196 4000 ext.: 3019 / 4040 / 4047 / 4048 >> Malaysian Admissions Unit

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Other Enquiries

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