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Administrative Staff

Name Position Extension no. Email More Info
Noriah Binti Ismail Administrative Officer 4035 noriah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Ayunita Binti Atan Administrative Officer 4013 ayunita@iium.edu.my More Info »
Fazlinda Ayu @ Nurulhuda Binti Daud Administrative Officer 4033 fazlinda@iium.edu.my More Info »
Jamilah Bt. Saidin Administrative Officer 4040 sjamilah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Rafidah Bt. Chee Ros Assistant Administrative Officer 4046 rafidah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Norliza Bt. Ahmad Zainuddin Assistant Information Technology Officer 3990 znorliza@iium.edu.my More Info »
Nor Amizan Bt Aminullah Assistant Information Technology Officer 2523 mizan@iium.edu.my More Info »
Noraini Bt. Zakaria Assistant Administrative Officer 4028 eyeniey83@iium.edu.my More Info »
Norasnida Bt. Mohd Nordin Office Secretary 4031 asnida@iium.edu.my More Info »
Mokhtar Bin Ahmad Administrative Assistant(Clerical/Operation) 3991 mokhtar@iium.edu.my More Info »

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