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Academic Staff

Name Position Extension no. Email More Info
Ainon Jariah Binti Muhamad Associate Professor 4915 ainon@iium.edu.my More Info »
Engku Haliza Bt Engku Ibrahim Associate Professor 4951 ehaliza@iium.edu.my More Info »
Muhammad Afifi B. Abdullah CELPAD Lecturer NA afifi@iium.edu.my More Info »
Khairiah Bt Othman Assistant Professor 4919 khairiah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Fekri Abidin Bin Hassan Assistant Professor 4942 fekri@iium.edu.my More Info »
Nita Fauzee Bt. Selamat CELPAD Lecturer 4768 nita@iium.edu.my More Info »
Zakaria Bin Omar Assistant Professor 4952 zakariao@iium.edu.my More Info »
Habibah Bt. Hj. Tamyes CELPAD Lecturer 3024 bibtamy@iium.edu.my More Info »
Mohd. Ali Bin Abdullah CELPAD Lecturer 3560 alia@iium.edu.my More Info »
Nordin Bin Ahmad Assistant Professor 4955 nordin_ahmad@iium.edu.my More Info »

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