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Academic Staff

Name Position Extension no. Email More Info
Mohamed Abdelrahman Ibrahim Youssef CELPAD Lecturer 3922 mansoura@iium.edu.my More Info »
Hasnor Eilina Binti Hassim CELPAD Teacher 3048 eilina@iium.edu.my More Info »
Mat Salleh Bin Hj Ahmad CELPAD Lecturer 3906 matsoleh@iium.edu.my More Info »
Abdul Matin Leonard Chabot CELPAD Teacher 3903 abdmatin@iium.edu.my More Info »
Nurshidah Abdul Wahab CELPAD Lecturer 4834 nurshidah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Hassan Sayed Hassan Haggag CELPAD Lecturer 3120 haggag@iium.edu.my More Info »
Mohd Azam Bin Ab Rahman CELPAD Teacher 3577 m_azam@iium.edu.my More Info »
Khalid Osman Yousif CELPAD Lecturer 4789 khalid05@iium.edu.my More Info »
Noor Amili Bt. Hj. Abdul Ghani CELPAD Lecturer 4945 nooramili@iium.edu.my More Info »
Noramizah Bt Haji Mohd Yusoff CELPAD Lecturer 4751 noramiza@iium.edu.my More Info »

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