Knowing Our Centre

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In 1995 the University established the Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education (CENSERVE). It was later transformed to Community Service Unit under the Student Development Division.

After 16 years of establishment, the University Management gives CENSERVE a new image and becomes Centre for University Social Responsibility, to enable it continue its success stories in serving the people around us through community service and humanitarian works.

Using the same name, CENSERVE changed its acronym to Centre for University Social Responsibility, under the Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Affairs). In 2015, under the leadership of Dato' Hamidon Abd Hamid, CENSERVE has moved to the Office of Rector. It was branded by the university by using new name: University Centre for Community Engagement (BUDI) which is in line with the aspiration from Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Datuk Sri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, a President of IIUM, to build a generation which can Spread Virtues and Live Virtuously.

What we want to hear from STUDENTS is

“It is a privilege to receive a degree from IIUM because we not only learn knowledge from the classroom but able to engage ourselves with the community and gain life-changing experiences that makes us great citizens who carry the ummatic mission.

What we want to hear from COMMUNITY is

“It is a privilege to have IIUM in our region. It not only shines us with knowledge because the staff and students bring us social benefits.”

What we want to hear from STAFF is

“It is a privilege to work at IIUM because we not only work for the University but able to contribute to develop the community and get great rewards from Allah through community service.”


To leverage on mutual beneficial relationship between IIUM and the community with a view towards:

  • nurturing students’ knowledge, skills, abilities and personalities leading to citizenry.
  • creating possible avenues for intellectual interventions.
  • promoting social responsibility and strengthening sharing and caring culture among IIUM community.
  • engaging the community in contributing towards social sustainable development.