Dynamic Group 2: Will the shadows Hide the Colours of My Heart?

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Start Date:
18 Jul 2012
Mini Auditorium IIUM
Organized by:
University Centre for Community Engagement (BUDI)
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18 Jul 2012 20:00
Asia/Kuala Lumpur

Organizer: Quranic Youth Club
Person in Charge: Bro. Luqman Nafi' bin Aizuddin (013-3621613)

This programme is a 2nd series of Dynamic Group among the members of Quranic Youth Club. The pogramme is not only for the members of QYC only, but it is publicly open for iium community. The objectives of this programme are, to share the knowledge, to strengthen the brotherhood among QYC members and to know and learn how to control ourselves from bad behaviour and manner.