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It’s quite some time for IIUM to practicing students’ co-curricular awards for the selected students and clubs that sheltered under IIUM.  Student Development Division has organized IIUM Students’ Co-curricular Awards for quite some time, and because of that, various parties have started to look upon these clubs since the establishment of CENSERVE Unit.

IIUM Students’ Co-curricular Awards witnessed several of awards been presented. Among the awards are Director’s Awards (Best Student Programme), Deputy Rector’s Gold Award (Best Society/Association). The organizer for this sacred night switched when CENSERVE has been given the mandate to organize but the name also changed into Humanitarian Night.

Humanitarian Night for the first time been organized in 2007, where COMRADE club won the best programme award while Brother Ismail Jaafar president of SENDI club IIUM won an awards for Outstanding Individual and he was also an important people behind the organizing of Humanitarian Week 2007. After that, every year, CENSERVE is the one that organized Humanitarian Night in order to appreciate the volunteers.

Now, CENSERVE already stand as a centre in IIUM.  Centre for University Social Responsibility which provided training workshop, motivational programme, community service where it does not only involve students but also for the staffs. Because of that reason, several new awards have been introduced during Humanitarian Night.

For the guests, they are come from ministry of higher education and also IIUM top management. There are also several new awards which are Best Programme award, Best Club award, Best Project award, and also Heart of Gold for students and staffs. Now, the latest Humanitarian Night for 2012 session promising new awards in accordance with the excellence of CENSERVE as a centre for community service in university which is presenting awards for The Best Mentor and Mentee and also the special award for community. Besides that, list of sponsors will also be invited and a little honorarium for them as to appreciate their joint venture with CENSERVE for 2012 session.    

The purpose behind the organizing of Humanitarian Night is to instill the spirit of volunteerism among IIUM community. And the most important part is all 14 clubs under CENSERVE become 1 in order to celebrate all their efforts in community engagement. All this awards are just a gift to give a motivation to students and staffs so that they can produce a program where it’s well-establish and full with quality. It is hoped for every club under CENSERVE keeps their continuous effort to spread Islam by exhibit a more professional level of management. It is belief, that we are the driving force “from IIUM to the heart of the UMMAH”.

Lotfi Amir