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We, at UCCE BUDI are always ready to help and down to field to help victims of flood disaster, tsunami or any kind of disaster happened in our country. Every year, as requested from MASKUM, UCCE BUDI will send volunteers to the location and engage with other universities or MASKUM task force in order to ensure all plans run smoothly.

In 2015, UCCE BUDI plan to have IIUM Relief Team that consist of all K/C/D/I/O in IIUM to be members in the team. IIUM staffs and students will become volunteers. The training is scheduled to be in November and JPAM will be asked to train all the volunteers.


  1. Cleaning
  2. Record victim's data in the system (if requested)
  3. Donation distribution

UCCE BUDI will be the leading organization in IIUM to bring all volunteers as trusted by top management of IIUM.