IIUM World Serving Team

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International Humanitarian Project by UCCE BUDI (formerly known as CENSERVE) started in 2005, a few days after tsunami struck Acheh. We sent students to do voluntary works to help the victims of tsunami at Banda Acheh. The project was pursued with a few series of visits to orphanages in Banda Acheh to conduct motivational activities for the children and teenagers.

In 2006, CENSERVE started Humanitarian Mission to Cambodia. This project is an annual programme organized by IIUM students from Gombak, Kuantan and Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS). The mission is to help the less fortunate communities in Battambang, Kandal, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Kampong Champ, Cambodia.

In 2013, IIUM has endorsed a new club named Umission Club. The club focusing on IIUM global mission to Asean countries. They are the one who took charge on the mission to Cambodia under the Jouney of Khalifah programmes and now already have a team to support activities at South Thailand.


Journey of Khalifah (JOK)

Umission Club has already accomplished some series in two countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. They are planning to reach out some other countries in the future.



Motivational & English Camp

Student Enhacement Club (STEC) is actively doing their English camp in several schools at Yala, Pattani and other part in Southern Thailand.


In 2015, Student Enhancement Club which was registered as a members of CENSERVE Team came to offer their services to their country, Thailand. UCCE BUDI accepted the offer and supporting them to have a series of motivational and English camp at Yala, Pattani and other areas in Southern Thailand. The club is already have a collaboration with Kulliyyah of Education.


  1. Circumcision
  2. Medical Check Up
  3. Dental treatment
  4. Educational & Motivational programme
  5. Knowledge transfer for the educators
  6. Community Services
  7. Infrustructure development
  8. Donations distribution

Note: We also supporting other clubs to have their own international project. It was proven as we have records of some clubs that has reached their global level. For examples:

  • Titian Wahyu: Outreach to Malay Community at Sri Lanka (2014)
  • QYC: International Humanitarian Mission to Bangladesh & Indonesia (2014 & 2016)
  • Steadfast: Educational Global Mission to Jumnik, Cambodia (2014)