In 1995, IIUM started it Continuing Eucation through the establishment of Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education, known as CENSERVE. Later, it was changed to Community Service Unit under the purview of Student Affairs & Development Division.

 In 2010 it was named as Centre for University Social Responsibility with the acronym of CENSERVE and was placed under the Office of Deputy Rector (International, Industrial and Community relations) in October 2011. 

In January 2013 it was placed under the Deputy Rector (Student Affairs) focused on students community service.

 In February 2015, IIUM established University Centre for Community Engagement (BUDI) placed under the Rector to spread its wings to engage not only the students but also the staff, outside communities inside and outside Malaysia in its community service activities and engagement programmes. 

In the spirit of producing graduates with holistic personalities, every IIUM graduate is expected to not only be well versed in his or her field of study but equally, should also be very caring and  socially responsible and committed to the improvement of human living condition and capacities, consequently leading to the upgrading of the quality of life among mankind as enshrined in the IIUM song’s final line “Rahmatan lil A’lamin (Mercy for all mankind)” 

The establishment of this UCCE-BUDI is to help strengthen:

1.  The management and coordination  of IIUM community engagement activities.

2.  Enhance and widen the spirit of volunteerism among the IIUM community

3.  The mobilization of the communities’ resources ; outside IIUM; in commendable     

     voluntary activities.

4. Expand the area of operation to  the international  level

Societies Under Supervision Office