Scriptwriting Workshop 2012

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Start Date:
16 Jun 2012
End Date:
4 Aug 2012
Video Lab, Comm Department, KIRKHS
Organized by:
Centre for Human Development and Applied Social Sciences
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16 Jun 2012
4 Aug 2012
Asia/Kuala Lumpur


Scriptwriting Workshop 2012

The power of the visuals especially film is often undermined in promoting Islam and Islamic values. As such, the film industry is flooded by films which do not inform viewers especially young Muslims of good values and information which would help shape good personalities and akhlaq among the young.

With this awareness, CERDAS in collaboration with Film Directors Association Malaysia (FDAM) propose to train young Muslim and Islamic scholars especially from IIUM, techniques and skills on how to write film scipts so that they could contribute back to the society by writing about Islam and good values in an attempt to educate our society by writing about Islam and good values in an attempt to educate our society through films.

Participants will experience comprehensive learning structure of screenwriting as each module covered a whole day of activities from 9 am to 5 pm on every Saturday starting 16th June 2012. 

Module Outline

Day 1 (16th June 2012)
> Module Introduction: ‘What is Screenwriting?’
> Film Screening 1: “Laskar Pelangi”, Dir. Riri Riza (2008)
> Film Screening 2: “The Road Home”, Dir. Zhang Yimou (2000)

Day 2 (23rd June 2012)
> Understanding Filmic Form: ‘Image and Motion’ , ‘Time and Space’
> Film Screening 3: “The English Patient”, Dir. Anthony Minghella (1996)

Day 3 (30th June 2012)
> Film Screening 4: “Witness”, Dir. Peter Weir (1985)
> Classical Dramatic Structure: ‘Beginning, Middle, End’
> Assignment 1: Story Structure

Day 4 (7th July 2012)
> Film Screening 5: “Forrest Gump”, Dir. Robert Zemeckis (1994)
> ‘Characterisation’ , ‘Dialogue’
> Assignment 2: One-Page Pitch

Day 5 (14th July 2012)
> Presentation: One-Page Pitch
> Designing the Page: ‘Treatment’
> Assignment 3: Treatment

Day 6 (21th July 2012)
> Designing the Page: ‘The Screenplay’ , ‘Final Draft’
> Assignment 4: The Screenplay

Day 7 (28th July 2012)
> Presentation: The Screenplay

Day 8 (4th August 2012)
> Film Screening 6: “Perempuan Berkalung Sorban”, Dir. Hanung Bramantyo (2009)
> Closing
> Award of Certificate


For registration and any inquiries, please contact:

03-6196 5422 / 5421 (Sr. Hasnah / Br. Zuhaili)

or email ,