Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Academic Programmes

All the answers given apply to all CERDAS academic programmes, Master's & Diploma in Islamic Studies alike.

1. Question: I want to apply, but my CGPA is too low.Can I apply for a Master's programme at CERDAS?

Answer: Yes you can, provided you have a minimum of 2 years' working exprerience.

2. Question: I am not a Malaysian citizen, am I eligible to apply for any CERDAS academic programme?

Answer: Yes, you are eligible to apply. All students accepted by CERDAS will enrol as (part time) students.Hence, there is no need to apply for student's visa as full time students.

3. Question: Can I use my EPF money to pay for the fees?

Answer: Yes, you can. CERDAS will be able to produce a letter to the EPF. However, the amount is only to cover for your tuition fee.