Admissions and Records

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Admissions and Records Unit


In collaboration with the kulliyyahs and academic centers creates an administrative environment that is conducive to efficient and effective interaction between postgraduate students and the university.

Its admission policies and selection criteria have been enhanced to facilitate the recruitment of high quality students.The unit believes in equal opportunities and admits students purely on merit. While screening application,it places importance on the applicant’s potential to achieve academic success in the desired programme of study.Therefore, selection is based on the applicant’s academic record as well as relevant personal traits. 

Being an international institution, IIUM welcomes all applicants, irrespective of their ethnic origin or nationally. As part of its effort to promote a better understanding of Islam and Muslim among all mankind, the university also welcomes non-Muslim Malaysia applicants.


Admission and Records Staff:

Designation Name Contact No. Remarks
Senior Assistant Director Sr Maswa Mokhti 0361965209 Head of Unit
Administrative Assistant Sr. Siti Bashah 0361965217

1. Offer Letter (Malaysian)

2. Approval on Deferment (Malaysian)

3. Conditional Offer International and Malaysian)

4. Approval onChange of Programme