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The Postgraduate Students Society (PGSS)provides a forum for postgraduate students to share their research ideas, information about career openings, opportunities for professional development and training. It also gives a platform for the students to discuss problems and issues relating to postgraduate studies. The Society is exclusively run by students and supported by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies. The Society offers support to both current and new postgraduate students and organizes a number of social events throughout the year. All registered postgraduate students of the IIUM are automatically members of the PGSS.


The main objectives of the society are:

  • To cooperate with the University authorities in implementing Islamic-oriented education and upholding the aims, objectives and philosophy of the IIUM.
  • To promote integration, unit and networking among its members.
  • To help members to enhance their intellectual, academic and spiritual potential.
  • To promote the philosophy of an integrated inter-disciplinary approach to knowledge.
  • To cater for the overall welfare of members.

The Society’s main functions include:

  • Organizing activities that help to develop the intellectual, academic and spiritual potential of students.
  • Fostering a spirit of cooperation among postgraduate students.
  • Administering the affairs of the society.
  • Assisting the IIUM authorities in maintaining discipline among postgraduate students.
  • Coordinating contacts between postgraduate students and the IIUM’s academic and administrative staff.

The Society publishes Al-Risalah Postgraduate Journal annually, which is by product of the scholarly research findings translated into papers by IIUM postgraduate students. The Society welcomes articles from various disciplines among postgraduate students as a step towards developing the academic culture in the campus and to disseminate knowledge for the benefits of the Muslim Ummah.