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IIUM Postgraduate Assistantships

 The Centre for Postgraduate Studies, IIUM offering a range of PG Assistantships to needy and excellent students in order to assist and encourage students to excel in their academic studies as well as serving the Ummah through supporting the students in developing their personal ability and academic qualifications.

Categories of the IIUM Postgraduate Assistantships:

There are four (4) types of assistantship that are to be offered to the postgraduate students:

·                     President’s Assistantship

·                     Rector’s  Assistantship

·                     Ummatic Assistantship

·                     Niche Area Assistantship



(Only PG student who has completed one semester is eligible to apply)

1.     Period of assistantship:

The Scholarships will be awarded to successful student for 1 year (Semester 1 & 2 ), however student may apply fresh application for the following semester if the student is not exceeded the normal study period.

2.     Signing of the assistantship agreement:

        The successful candidate is required to sign the agreement with the University (IIUM).

3.     Suspension of Scholarship

·            Student who have granted study leave / medical leave are not eligible for the assistantship for the period of the leave.

·            The assistantship will be suspended automatically if the students DO NOT obtain a CGPA or the Research Progress Report Rating Scale. As such, the students will be required to pay the fees during suspension period.

·            Students who register below the minimum credit hours required (< 9 Cr Hrs) will not receive the assistantship for that particular semester.


4.     Termination of assistantship:

The assistantship can be terminated by the University by giving 1 week notice to the student.

The University holds the right to terminate the assistantship, without any prior notice if the recipient:

1.         Is guilty of breaching the Students’ Discipline Rules 1984 ( amendment 2004); 

2.         Is found guilty of misconduct improper moral behaviors;

3.         Fails to maintain good academic performance;

4.         Is not allowed to continue his / her studies;

5.         Is not fulfill  / fails to complete his / her studies;

6.         Is certified to be medically unfit to continue his / her studies.


Amendments to the Rules and Regulations:

The Board of the IIUM Postgraduate Scholarship reserves the right to add / vary / amend or alter the rules and regulations of the scholarship from time to time / whenever deemed necessary.


1.        The Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) will made an announcement through website and notice board of CPS and relevant kulliyyahs beginning of every first semester.

2.        The application form and criteria of the assistantships can be obtained through the Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) website.



The closing date for application will be announced in the notice issued by the CPS