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Ø  A student may apply for leave of absence for a maximum of one academic year throughout his study period

Ø  An application for leave of absence shall be made to the relevant Head of Department/Sueprvisor and Deputy Dean/Coordinator (Postgraduate Studies) of the respective kulliyyah for approval and thereafter the kulliyyah shall submit the decisions to the UCPS for endorsement

Ø  A student is required to be on registered status at the time of application for leave of absence. A student who wish to take leave of absence for personal reasons must apply prior to the commencement of the new semester

Ø  All applications for leave of absence are to be submitted to the respective Kulliyyah for approval.

Ø  Leave of absence may be granted for the current semester provided:

o   Circumstances are of a special nature or are beyond the student’s control

o   The student’s performance is at least satisfactory in the current semester’s courses

o   The student’s attendance is 80% and above

Ø  Leave of absence other than for medical/emergency reasons will be counted as part of the student’s duration of study period (Download Form)