Vision and Mission

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  • To promote and facilitate postgraduate programmes of the University
  • To facilitate workshops on research skills and integration of knowledge
  • To provide excellent postgraduate facilities and infrastructure



CPS aims to be the centre of excellence in postgraduate studies by

  • Promoting Islamization of knowledge;
  • Developing culture of research and learning;
  • Developing students expertise and skills in research;
  • Stimulating life long learning



Apart from the above, CPS commits to provide conducive environment with facilities, services, academic governance and research supervision in order to assist postgraduate students to nurture the graduate learning community that constantly explores all branches of knowledge through applied research, with the inculcation of spiritual values actualizing four missions of the University, (Integration, Islamization, Internationalization and Comprehensive Excellence) and to achieve the highest quality in academic work.

To show our full commitment towards this, CPS has came out with tagline:


"Commitment & Professionalism = Satisfaction"