Students to Students

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Students to Students is referring to our support groups. They are IIUM students who are willing to assist their friends and promote better well being.  Members will undergo different structured modules, which comprise of series of specific counseling trainings. They are actually our committed volenteers with high spirit of helping others.

Basically, it is opened to all 1st year and 2nd year students and there are 5 different groups with different niche areas.

  1. Advanced Peer Counselors
  2. IIUM Peer Counselors
  3. Creative Guidance Group
  4. Personal Growth Group
  5. Residential Community Group



Here are some activities covered by the groups


  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • PGG Ta'aruf & Briefing
  • PGG Sessions
  • PGG Workshop (facilitating skills)
  • PGG Outdoor Sessions
  • PGG Appreciation Night
  • PGG Community Services Responsibility


PGG Training of Trainers (TOT)

PGG Outdoor Session

PGG Outdoor Session



For further information, please do come to our office and consult with our counselors.