Support Group

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Support groups are special groups introduced by the CSC with the objective to assist the centre in extending and outreaching its services and programs.

For this purpose, the members of the support groups will be trained by the centre using different structured modules, which comprise of series of specific training.

Through these trainings they will acquire the soft skills which are very much needed for their future undertaking. Current employment trends require graduates to be equipped with various kinds of skills especially the soft skills.

The involvement of the students in these support groups will help them very much to market themselves. This has been proven by our ex-support group members who are marketable and having a good job.



IIUM Peers

Peer Counseling Services offers active listening, support and guidance to their fellow peers. The Counseling Services Centre (CSC) trains paraprofessional (Peer Counselors) to deliver an assortment of preventive and development services.


 Peer Counselors : Who Are They?

  * Trained paraprofessional Counselors

  * Selected students from various disciplines

  * Have undergone all the training provided

  *Equipped with basic counseling and communication skills

  * Support group to the centre


Personal Growth Growth (PGG)

Personal Growth Group (PGG) was established by Counseling Services Centre with the aim to allow members to support one another in the process of their personal growth. PGG brings out the best in each student in response to the positive influence and support gained among the group members. Specifically, this program serves as a means for the students to maximize their self-esteem.

PGG provides an opportunity to develop self-confidence by combining the method of motivational experience and sharing with others. Holding the motto “To know yourself is to know others, to know others is to know yourself”, PGG encourages the members to build up their potentialities.

The membership is open to all 1st year and 2nd year students from all courses. By joining the group, students will be able to create new circle of trusted friends and a place to share their problems plus express themselves freely.

Students will have the opportunity to expand their perspectives on self and others and the realities in life, as well as becoming a starting point to know themselves and their Creator better.


Creative Group (CREATIVE)

Creative Group (CREATIVE) was established with the aim to expose the students to the publication field. The students will be directly involved in the publication of the department’s official bulletin. Besides, the group will also assist the unit in research and assessment.

All 1st year and 2nd year students from all courses who possess a good command in English are welcome to join this group. They must also have interest in writing and publication. In addition, the department will provide trainings to the members in both writing research, and creative thinking skills.

We hope that CREATIVE will open an opportunity for students to enhance their writing and research skill. Besides, this group facilitates students to develop skills that may be useful in future career.




Guidance Group

Guidance Group aims to share skills with students who are willing to assist and guide their fellow friends especially in their studies.

The members will be trained to have good communication skills and to be a good listener. Apart from that, all members will be equipped with basic counseling and guidance skills.    

 The membership is open to all 1st and 2nd year student from all courses. Selected students need to complete 30 credit hours of training before being awarded with certificate.