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1.1  IIUM Strategic Plan

a)Lead the University IIUM Strategic Plan and review the plan as required and needed (at least every 3 years).
b)Facilitate, coordinate and liaise  with the Key Result Area (KRA) Champions and Secretariats on the yearly projects/initiatives.
c)Facilitate and consult  all K/C/D/Is on resources for IIUM Strategic Plan and yearly KRA projects.

1.2  Staff and Student Projection

a)Coordinate and cooperate with all K/C/D/Is in planning the staff and student projection.
b)Review and revisit student and staff projection as required and needed once a year.
c)Liaise and coordinate with Ministry of Education on student projection.

1.3  Act as Institution ProgrammeManagement Office (iPMO) for the University

a)Act as iPMOfor the University and communicate with the ProgrammeManagement Office (PMO), Ministry of Education.
b)Coordinate and monitor the performance of the Critical Agenda Projects (CAPs) of the National Higher Education Strategic Plan at University level.

1.4  Scenario Planning

a)Facilitate, advise and consult the University on the provision of internal and external information that give impacts to the University.
b)Conduct study or research on the market needs or requirements of current and future of higher institution scenario.


2.1  University KRA Performance Management

a)Be responsible as a Project Management Coordinator to monitor the IIUM Strategic Plan achievements through yearly KRA projects.
b)Handle and monitor the implementation and performance of KRA projects/initiatives of the IIUM Strategic Plan through the implementation of Balanced Scorecard / Key Performance Indicators for the followings:

(i)Corporate Level.
(iii)Prepare a report of the quarterly progress achievements of KRA projects/initiatives of the Corporate Level to Majlis.

2.2  Ranking and Rating

a)Handle and manage data and information for QS World and Asian University Ranking through topuniversitywebsite.
b)Handle, manage, compile and key-in data and information for MyRA(Malaysian Research University Assessment) through eMyRAsystem.
c)Handle, manage and compile data and information for SETARA (Rating of Malaysian Higher Education Institutions) and D-SETARA (Rating of Malaysian Higher Education Institutions for ProgrammeDisciplines).
d)Coordinate and monitor the implementation and progress of Laboratory Accreditation – Good Manufacturing Practice / Good Laboratory Practice / Testing and Calibration Laboratories (ISO/IEC17025). 


3.1  MyMoHES

a)Coordinate all relevant data, i.e. student; research, development, commercialization & publications; human resources; finance and etc. with relevant K/C/D/Is.
b)Spearhead the coordination of the University data uploaded to MyMoHES- on time, complete and with quality.
c)Coordinate and responsible to furnish relevant data required by external parties.

3.2  Knowledge and Data Management

a)Identify, recommend, coordinate, and facilitate the development and/or enhancement of systems to capture University strategic data, information and knowledge.
b)Identify, recommend, coordinate, and facilitate the  strategic applications of data/information/knowledge to support the University in achieving its vision and mission.
c)Provide “exception” and analysis reports and tools for possible improvements as well as for strategic and future scenario planning.


a)To be a secretariat for the University level risk management committee.

b)To coordinate the process of establishing, communicating, implementing, reviewing and improving of IIUM Risk Management Policy and Framework.

c)To manage and coordinate all related risk management processes and its related activities which include:

(a) risk assessment,
(b) risk identification,
(c) risk analysis,
(d) risk evaluation, and
(e) risk treatment.

d)To communicate, consult and report with external and internal stakeholders in the matters of risk management of the University.

e)To establish, maintain, monitor and review the risk register which include the risk objectives, risk parameters, risk scopes and criteria of the University.

f)To establish, coordinate and maintain systematic structure, processes and tools for reporting purpose.