IIUM Strategic Planning

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Back in year 2000, the IIUM management has created the office of Planning Unit which its roles are to outline, monitor and evaluate the strategic planning framework.  Series of meeting and workshop have been conducted for gouging a preliminary information and data which to be used as the basis for drafting the document.  The preparation took one year to complete with the involvement of IIUM senior officials and other invited parties.  Various occurances were deemed important during the preliminary assessment of the report such as:

  1. Competition of other public universitites which offering English as medium of instruction.
  2. Government decision in making Malaysian as the educational hub after the 9th September event.
  3. Introduction of ranking and rating of universities by the Ministry of Education.
  4. New direction set by Ministry of Education through the Education Development Plan 2001-2010

The IIUM strategic planning document was finalised in year 2002 and endorsed in the IIUM Senate Board meeting.  The document which is known as IIUM Strategic Planning Report 2001-2010 summarizes the list of strategies in becoming the leading international centre of educational excellence.  Under the plan, eight areas are being focused on.

  1. Entrepreneurship & Consultancies
  2. Research & Development
  3. Postgraduate
  4. Science, Technology & Innovation
  5. Information & Communication Technology
  6. Internationalization
  7. Islamization & Integration
  8. Student Development
  9. Staff Development

As in any strategic plan, a set of measurable target needs to be identified and assessed as an indication of the progress made in line with the plan.  There are eleven major measureable targets that have been upon for the university to strive for by the end of the strategic planning period, which is the year 2010.

In year 2007, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) which is a newly established ministry  has launched the National Higher Education Strategic Plan Beyond 2020.  Their report has outliningseven thrusts for transforming the higher education in Malaysia.

The MOHE has also introduced and categorised public universities according to three classifications which are Research University, comprehensive univeristy and technical univeristy.  IIUM has been classified as a comprehensive university which emphasis more on teaching and learning area.  Meanwhile, MOHE have identified four public universities which to be given a research university status.  The four public universities are University of Malaya (UM), Univeristi Kebangsaaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Univeristi Sains Malaysia (USM.  These selected universities are given more operating grants in order to improve and enhance their research and development (R&D) activities as compare to others.

With this new development, IIUM has made a decision to review the previous strategic plan document (i.e. IIUM Strategic Planning Report 2001-2010) and to focus more on becoming one of the research universities.  The review was done in year 2007 and changes have been made to the overall strategies and plan of actions in order to accomodate the new IIUM focus which is to become a research intensified university (i.e. IIUM Strategic Plan 2007-2015).  Once more, the BSC framework has also been reviewed so that it can monitor the performance of new strategic objectives are newly developed and renewed.