(Book pertaining to repentance and exhortation to repentance)

  1. Exhortation for repentance
  2. The obliteration of sins with the help of seeking forgiveness from Allah
  3. The excellence of constant remembrance of Allah and meditation in the affairs of the hereafter and permission of abandoning it at times and attending to the affairs of the world
  4. The mercy of Allah predominates his wrath
  5. Repentance is accepted so long as one repents after committing sins
  6. Allah's sense of honour, and His prohibition of the abominable acts
  7. The words of Allah "The good deeds take away the evil deeds"
  8. Throwing of non-believers in hell-fire for believers as Divine Grace and Mercy
  9. Pertaining to the repentance of Ka'b b. Malik and his companions
  10. Hadith pertaining to the lie about (Hadrat) 'A'isha Siddiqa (Allah be pleased with her) and accepting of Repentance of those who brought false allegation about her
  11. The exoneration of the slave-girl of Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) from a false charge