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Mahallah ...
  All students must register as members of one of the mahallat. Those who stay off campus will be designated as non-resident members of the mahallah. At present, there are ten 25 mahallat (Gombak, Kuantan, PJ, Nilai),  13 female mahallat, 10 male mahallat, two mahallat (Salahuddin al Ayubi for uniform bodies) and Mahallah Ruqayyah (executive room) named after leading companions of the Prophet (s.a.w). The mahallat will also provide the following services to students;
To maintain a friendly, reliable and efficient service.
To consider all complaints reported.
To ensure all defects reported will be attended within three days.
To upgrade services provided to students : computer lab, mini library, mini gymnasium, aerobic facilities, sewing classes, indoor games.
  The Residential Management aims to educate and promote activities that will;
Develop the mahallah into a centre of intellectual and cultural development.
Encourage the use of English language in students' daily conversation.
Encourage students to plan their own programmes and staff will only facilitate and advise.
Ensure educational program would be among the programmes organized.
Encourage integration among all students especially between local and international students.