Counseling and Career Services Centre

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Counseling and Career Services Centre...
  Counseling and Career Services Centre was established to enhance and nourish students' full potential and to assist them to develop a well-balanced personality. Specifically, the department offers personal, educational and career counseling individually or in groups which are available from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. every Monday to Friday.
  The Centre has established support groups such as Peer Counselors, Career Guidance Group and Personal Growth Group in organizing and implementing counseling activities and services. Furthermore, the department provides direct assistance in job placement for the graduating students, which is valid for one year, and organizes career-related programs such as Career talks, On Campus Interviews, Resume Writings, Interview Skills, Career tests, Job-Hunting Strategies, Career Exhibitions and Writing Skills.
  It also organizes self-development programs on counseling, career motivation and adjustment, besides, Healthy Living Campaign, Adjustment with Campus Life and Adjustment for Marital Management. The department has formulated modules on Special group of students as well as for those low and high achievers in order to help them develop a balanced personality.