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The Kulliyyah of Education (KOED), was established as a Department of Education on July 16, 1987.  It was set up to assist in meeting Malaysia’s need for graduate teachers.  It offered the Diploma of Education programme to prepare teachers to teach in secondary schools.

In May 1997, the Department began offering a limited Bachelor of Education Programme in Arabic Language and Literature for teachers from the Ministry of Education Special Diploma Programme.

Beginning 2003, the Kulliyyah began conducting a twinning programme with the Ministry of Education to upgrade the qualification and skills of in-service and pre-service teachers to Bachelor Degree in 5 programmes – B.Ed Teaching of English as a Second Language (in-service), B.Ed Teaching of Arabic as a Second Language, B.Ed Counselling (in-service), B.Ed Moral Education (in-service), B.Ed TESL (pre-service).

As of July 2007, the Ministry of Education is again requesting all IPTAs including IIUM to help it produce graduate teachers, and KOED begins to offer 4 B.Ed programmes for students coming through the mainstream.  The 5 B.Ed programmes, each for a duration of 4 years, are as follows:-  B.Ed TESL, B.Ed TASL, B.Ed Counselling and B.Ed Islamic Education.