Centre for Teaching and Learning

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Centre’s Background

The knowledge-based economy (K-Economy) is becoming a predominant feature of the world’s economy including Malaysia.  Hence, the knowledge workers will become an integral and a necessary requirement for the growth and expansion of the economy.  It has been predicted that at least 40 percent of the Malaysian workforce will eventually be knowledge workers.  Knowledge and skills that are acquired during the formal school years become obsolete rapidly and workers need to be retooled ever so often in order to be relevant.  Globalization and the K-Economy have made life long learning a necessity.

The establishment of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) in 2005 by the Institute of Education (INSTED), IIUM was a strategic move to assist the Institute in its future development of becoming one of the best educational institutions in the areas of teaching and learning. With the expansion of the knowledge-based economy (K-Economy), CTL strives to offer its services to the public by developing programmes that will help the nation in producing well-trained and up-to-date knowledge workers in the areas of training, education and human resource development. CTL also aspires to generate innovative and creative ideas that can later be translated into new products, models, strategies and plans.


Dr Mohd Burhan Ibrahim
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Institute of Education
International Islamic University Malaysia

Tel : 603-6196 5910 / 5911 / 5913 / 5914
Fax : 603-6196 5915