Engineering Industrial Training (EIT) is the Kulliyyah (arabic term for "faculty") of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) requirement's for all students in order to complete their Bachelor of Engineering degree. EIT is very important programme since it complements both the academic and professional aspects of engineering education. Exposing the students to the practical experience and actual working environment shall open the avenues for developing their skills and capabilities, as well as enhancing their intellectual and emotional persona. Besides, the Kulliyyah also hopes to forge the vital industrial linkages that shall pave opportunities for "smart partnerships" and industrially driven research.

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All students are required to write a full report with regards to the industrial training upon completion of the training.  The report must include all the works or activities which have been carried out during the training.


The report must be type written. Students are to submit TWO (2) copies; one for the Department (not returnable) and one for student copy.  The report must be submitted to the Department within one (1) week after the new semester commenced. Before writing the report, students are advised to discuss the content with the concerned firm/company.




The report must be well organised and hard cover bound before submission.  The contents of the report MUST include but not limited to the following:


A) Front and Back Cover

1)       Front cover  - Hard Cover, black colored with golden colored writings

2)    Back cover - Hard Cover, black colored


B) Preliminary pages (Roman numbering: i, ii, iii, …)

1)          Company’s verification statement and company’s stamp (on report contents)



Standard Verification Statement:


I hereby declared that  (name of students and matric no),student of department (name of dept), International  Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has  successfully completed his/her Engineering Industrial Training from 14th April 2008 till 30th June 2008 at (name of company). This report is prepared by the above mentioned student as a partial fulfillment of this training. All information given in this report is true and does not contain any confidential information or classified data that might in a way or another abuse the company’s policies.



(Signature, Name & Co. stamp)




2)          Acknowledgement

3)          Summary (+/- 200 words synopsis stating the problem and giving a summary of      

        main conclusions and recommendation)

4)          Table of Contents

5)          List of Tables

6)          List of Figures


C) Body of the report (Standard numbering: 1,2,3, …) 

a.       Introduction (training time table, background information about the company, your role, purpose of the training).

b.       Main projects and activities

c.        Lesson and experience learned

d.       Discussion and recommendation

e.        Conclusion

f.        References

g.        Appendices


                D) Front and side cover format

                         Please download the hardcover format from the 'Download' tab.

                E) Other useful information

    • Font of report content – Times New Roman (Font size – 12) (Spacing – 1.5)
    • Font of hard cover – Arial Narrow (Font size: 12) (Spacing – 1.5)
    • Number of pages -  50-100 pages
    • Others – as to your creativity

EIT Unit



















Dear brothers and sisters

Please be reminded that you need to collect the following letters from EIT Unit to be forwarded to the company on the day of reporting for duty:-

1)       Letter of reporting for duty

2)       Confirmation letter on Takaful coverage

3)       Indemnity letter


The above 3 letters will be issued by EIT Unit only after you have forwarded to EIT Unit the EIT Acceptance Form .


~ EIT Unit



Dear brothers and sisters


Please be reminded that the EIT period will start on ______________.

Thus, students have only XX days to look for placements.


If you still have not received any offer for EIT placements as at to-date, please kindly see your  EIT Programme Coordinator immediately for assistance and advice. Please discuss with your Coordinator on this matter and you are NOT ALLOWED to reject any offer received if your Coordinator has agreed with the placement.

 ***(Those who need Coordinator’s assistance, kindly provide a few copies of your CVs and Partial Transcripts to your respective Coordinator for necessary action).

Your cooperation on this matter is highly appreciated.



Dr. Salmiah Ahmad

EIT Programme Coordinator (Mechatronics)

For Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs)

Kulliyyah of Engineering

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