Postgraduate Opportunity (Masters)

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I would like to invite applications for a Masters student (RA) to work on an RAGS-funded project in silicon nanowire FET fabrication. The proposed starting date for the post is 01 October 2013, and it will run for a period 1 year.

The research is challenging but you will be exposed to a variety of knowledge especially in nano-electronics. The RA will be paid monthly.

The requirements are:

  1. CGPA of above 2.80.
  2. Preferably students majoring in electronics with interest in hands-on experience especially in fabrication of transistors. Other majors are also invited, however, you must be willing to learn something new and challenge yourselves.
  3. Students may also need his/her own transport as the research requires him/her to go to other institutions to perform the fabrication and characterizations. Reimbursement of the travelling expenses is available.

Interested candidates please email me your CV at

Thank you.

Dr. Nor Farahidah Za'bah

ECE Department