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With the vision to be a "World Class Centre of Engineering Education and Research with Values and Ethics", the mission of the Kulliyyah of Engineering is to provide quality engineering education, with sufficient scope to include fundamental and specialized knowledge and practice in engineering and a broad base in management, ethics, and humanities, so that the graduates are prepared to serve the current and emerging needs of the society.

With the Kulliyyah's philosophy based on the systems approach, the engineering programmes offer an integrated and comprehensive education that transcends the boundaries of various disciplines. This is consistent with the Islamic concept of tawhid, which unifies the spiritual and physical aspects of life into a harmonious continuity.

Besides being professionally qualified and competent, the graduates will acquire spiritual, intellectual, moral and ethical characteristics towards the development of an integral and harmonious relationship with Allah (the creator), fellow human beings and with the natural environment. The interdisciplinary approach to engineering education will not only allow the graduates to solve industrial and human problems; it will also enable them to bring about and manage changes in comformity with the worldview based on the principles of Islam.

Engineers, in addition to understanding scientific principles, are concerned with the timing, economics, and values that define the application of those principles. With this in mind, the Kulliyyah fosters a close partnership with industry and government, and also reaches out to both the IIUM community and the public at large with its services. In addition to its teaching role, the Kulliyyah feels a related responsibility to conduct strong research programmes that contribute to the advancement of knowledge.