Mechanical Engineering

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to produce engineers who are academically competent and posses a sound and balanced Islamic personality ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

The Department offers programmes in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering. Students registered for the programmes undergo a common first year with courses in Calculus, Computer Programming, Electrical and Electronics Technology, Drawing, Engineering mechanics, Workshop Technology and Islamic science.

From the second year, students in each of the two areas take courses suitable to their programme along with courses in Islamic studies and management. In the final year of their four year programme, students can opt for three elective courses to suit their areas of specialization.

Students in the Aerospace Engineering programme study, among other courses, Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Design, Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, as well as a final year project. There are also a variety of specialist courses in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Automatic Flight Control Systems, and Flight Testing.
In the Automotive Engineering programme, students study a variety of courses including the Theory of Machines, Automotive Instrumentation, Automotive Structures, Internal Combustion Engines, Automotive Structural Design as well as a final year project. Students can also choose from several other specialist courses, such as Composite Materials, Vehicle Aerodynamics, Automotive Styling, Vibration and Harshness, and Design Optimization.