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Pathfinder Robot Competition 2015

This competition was held for a day on 14 March 2015 at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) has organized this competition for the second time at the international level. IIUM have sent 3 teams and total of 20 groups from all over nation had competed in this competition. The group consists students from various majoring and formed into 3 groups; IIUM Roboteam, Nova Theta and Sparktech. The competitors need to make a robot from scratch until operates and only given 5 hours to build and successfully run the robot. The robot should be able to find its own path and avoid the obstacles.

One group from IIUM won the prize of Creative Design Award.

Chem E Car Competition 2015  

Chem-E Car competition 2015 was held on 10th – 11th of April 2015 at University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). IIUM sent two teams to the competition, Sugar Rush and Nutella. Team Sugar Rush used zinc-carbon battery as their power source and the stopping mechanism was iodine clock reaction, while Nutella team used lead acid battery as their power source and a reaction between magnesium ribbon and hydrochloric acid as their stopping mechanism. Sugar Rush obtained second place for Poster Competition and secured 13th place out of 56 teams for car performance. Meanwhile, Nutella managed to get 14th place for car performance. It is a great achievement for both teams as this was the first time IIUM has sent representatives to enter such competition. There were 20 universities that participated in this competition and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), being more experienced, won first place.  Research Universities and more experienced universities sent more than two trams to the competition, increasing their chance to win. But IIUM’s team Nutella first run was impressive, as they stopped near the stopping line and scored a perfect goal, even though the second run was hindered by the stopping mechanism. Improvements need to be made in terms of steering the cars in a straight line, and the stopping mechanism for both teams to win the competition. Overall, considering the limited resources, time and experience, both teams did very well.

Sugar Rush secured second place for Poster Competition and 13th place while Nutella obtained 14th place out of 56 teams in the car performance.


Engineering Technology Exhibition 2015 (ENGITEX’15) was organized by Engineering Student Society (Enginius XX) from 11th – 17th April 2015. The program was successful and achieved the objective which is to expose engineering knowledge to IIUM community and outsiders. Both committees and participants gained new knowledge and experience. This year, the committee managed to conduct a new programme which is called as Engineering Convention (ENCO). For the first time, our ENGITEX was promoted through the big screen at the main gate and through We also received good feedback from non-engineering students about this programme.

ENCO 2015 - 11th APRIL 2015

Engineering Convention 2015 (EnCo’15) was conducted at the main auditorium of IIUM. Prominent speakers had joined this convention and shared their views such as “Keajaiban Haiwan Yang Mengubah Dunia” by Dr. Zulkifli Zainal Abidin, “Science in the Quran” by Ust. Syaari Abdul Rahman, “Muslim Heroes: Reminiscing the Past, Conquering the Future” by Br Muhammad Kashmiri (Muslim Heroes), and “Generation Y & Technological Challenges” by Mejar Dr Faiz, Br Aiman Azlan and Br Fikri Ahmad.

EXCITEMENT-12th April 2015

12 teams had registered for this programme. Overall, the objectives of this program are to explain generally about engineering to the students and staff, to expose the participants with engineering related things and outdoor activities, to implement concept of brotherhood and strengthen the relationship and ukhuwah between IIUM community, to instill leadership skills and create a good relationship among team members and to develop the involvement of students that can develop a healthy lifestyle and refrain from any negative aspects.    

GENERIC-13th April 2015

73 primary school students (25 teams) participated in GENE’15.  Generation: Engineers (GENERIC) for this year has achieved its objectives and shows huge improvements from previous years. Hopefully, Generation: Engineers could improve each year and keep serving as a platform for young engineers to show their talents. 


ENEX-14th April 2015

Estimated more than 500 visitors visited the exhibition. The programme has successfully achieved its objective. This time, the committee had received a positive response from both the exhibitors and also visitors. Among the uplifting comments received from the exhibitors were this year’s expo was better than the last time  they had also seen a lot of potentials among the visitors. All Praises to Allah for the success of this programme.

WOVEC-16th April 2015

7 teams comprises of 4 students per team (representative from UNIMAS, UiTM, UTHM, UIAM) participated in this activity.

The objectives of this program are :

  • To encourage the participants to integrate Islamic values and ethics with engineering skills while participating in this challenge.
  • To inspire participants to exploit their knowledge mainly in engineering in order to match the requirement of this challenge, as what is widely implemented in the industry.
  • To inculcate a sense of unity and competitive culture among all undergraduate engineering students regardless of race, background and culture.
  • To expose students on the current evolution of science and technology and to exchange ideas on how to contribute to the advancement of technology while keeping the environment safe and healthy.


The Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Racing Malaysia 2015

This competition was held on 23rd May 2015 at Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselor (DATC), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). The Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Racing Malaysia 2015 was organized by Freescale Semiconductor Malaysia (main organizer), Industry, Community & Alumni Network (ICAN) and Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) (co-organizers). IIUM sent three teams to the competitions which were IIUM A, IIUM B, and IIUM C. This competition was basically to programme a race car to follow a track provided by the organizer. The track consist of small obstacles, a ramp and sharp corners which gave different difficulties in programming the race car to suit the track specifications. One of the team which is IIUM A managed to won the third place out of 60 teams from 30 universities all over Malaysia. This was a great success since his was the first time for IIUM to send representatives to enter this competition. IIUM B and IIUM C also have done well compare to other competitors.

IIUM A won third place in this competition.

Asia Pacific Robotic Competition (APRoC) 15

Asia Pacific Robotic Competition (APRoC) 2015 that was held on 10th – 11th of June 2015. This competition was organized by Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU). This competition consists of three categories which were Firefighting, Terrain Racing and Robot-Sumo. IIUM Roboteam sent two teams in total of six participants (three people for each team). The two teams were ROBOTEAM A and ROBOTEAM B. Firefighting category consists of 5 candles that are needed to be extinguished within 5 minutes. The candles are placed randomly inside the maze at the corners and in the middle of the wall by the organizers. The robot that extinguishes the highest number of candles within the fastest time wins. Terrain Racing consists of various obstacles; ramp, rocky path, bumper, sandy path, and slanted obstacles, in which the robot is required to pass all the obstacles and finish the track within the fastest time. For Robot-Sumo category, each competitor was given 3 rounds to push the opponent’s robot out of the ring whereby each round consists of 1 minute. The team is announced winner if the entire opponent’s robot is pushed out of the ring stage in each round. Overall, it was a huge achievement for IIUM Roboteam where ROBOTEAM A won 2nd place for Firefighting and Terrain Racing and ROBOTEAM B won 3rd place in Robot-Sumo competition. This was the first time IIUM Roboteam sending representatives in APRoC.

ROBOTEAM A won second place for Firefighting and Terrain Racing and ROBOTEAM B won third place in Robot-Sumo competition