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Description and Research Interest

Dr. Syafrina bt Abdul Halim

Research Interests:

A. Hydrological Modelling:

  • Mesoscale and local air-sea-land interaction processes associated with extreme weather events in Malaysia.
  • Statistical/Numerical modelling of atmospheric processes at both meteorological and climate scale.

B. Water Resources Management:

  • Water management, statistical analysis and modelling using optimization methods.

C. Climate Change:

  • Explore and study on rainfall and runoff modelling, current and future behaviour and patterns of low and high resolutions rainfall using various statistical analysis


Description and Research Interest

Prof. Abdullah Al Mamun

Research Interests:

  • Water quality and pollution control (Point and diffuse sources)
  • River water quality analysis and​ ​computer modelling
  • Urban stormwater management
  • Hydrological analyses and​ ​computer simulation
  • Integrated​ ​water resources management


PhD (Environmental Engineering) University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) - December 2005

Contact Information:

  • Office : Block E1, Level 2
  • Phone : +603 6196 5760 or +60123650516 (Cell Phone)
  • Email : mamun@iium.edu.my


Description and Research Interest

Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Nurul Amin


I am keen in accepting brilliant postgraduate students in my research team and pleased to share that I have so far successfully supervisor many Ph.D. and Master students; have filed 7 patents out of their works with one patent accepted on ‘Chatter Suppression in metal cutting using online heating’ and has so far published 8 books, over 250 articles in international journals and conference proceedings on the outcome of my students’ research works.

Research Interests:

  • Chatter control in metal cutting,
  • High speed machining of metals and non metallic materials and
  • Heat assisted machining of difficult-to-cut metals and alloys including titanium alloys, Inconel 718 and hardened steels.

Email: akamin@iium.edu.my

Prof. Dr M. A. Maleque


My main research focus is on materials for automotive and energy, surface modification of materials, advanced composite materials and tribo-logy. I have so far successfully supervised four PhD students and 10 Masters’ students and additional 12 PhD and Masters are under my supervision. I have so far published over 280 articles in international journals and conference proceedings, book, book chapters, edited academic books on materials selection and design and  patent (filing is in progress).I am the Coordinator of Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering Research Unit (AMSERU), Executive committee and life member of Malaysian Tribology Society (MYTRIBOS. I was the recipient of Vice Chancellor award, UM; Dean’s award, UM; IIUM Quality Research award, and IRIIE gold awards.

Research Interests:

  • Materials for automotive and energy
  • Advanced composite materials and composite coating
  • Surface modification for tribological application

Email: maleque@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Souad A. Mohamad


My research area of interest is focused on materials for photovoltaics and renewable energy, semiconductor and polymer thin film materials for photoelectric electrodes, preparation and characterization of nano-sized materials. I have so far successfully supervised four Master and currently one PhD student is under my supervision and 2 PhD students are in registration process. I have so far published over 40 articles in international journals and conference proceedings, book chapters, reviewing articles in international and local journals on photovoltaic materials and photovoltaic systems, semiconductor materials, and many others. I am a member of Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering Research Unit (AMSERU), Bio-materials research group, Nano-science and Nanotechnology Research Group (NANORG), Renewable Energy Research Group (RERG). I am the recipient of best teacher award for 2005 and 2007 respectively, IRIIE silver and bronze awards and Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE expo) bronze award.

Research Interests:

  • Materials for photovoltaics and renewable energy
  • Semiconductor and Polymer materials for photovoltaic and Solar Cells Applications
  • Electrodeposition technique for preparation of nano and micro sized thin film materials

Email: su3ad@iium.edu.my

Dr. Tasnim Firdaus Mohamed Ariff


I am very keen on hybrid microwave sintering processes which revolves around powder technology. Furthermore, I have also indulged in various projects involving product design improvements ranging from conveyor belt cleaners, energy saving laundry dryer to motorbike helmets.  In addition, I have completed many projects relating to environmental-friendly machining processes; particularly in using biodegradable cutting fluids

Research Interest:

  • Hybrid Microwave Sintering
  • Product Design
  • Eco-Friendly Machining

Email: tasnim@iium.edu.my

Dr. Zahurin binti Halim

Research Interests:

  • Composites Sandwich Structures
  • Biomaterials
  • Advanced Materials Engineering

Email: zahureen@iium.edu.my


Description and Research Interest

Prof. Dr. Waqar Asrar

I am interested in fluid dynamics; specifically reduction of drag on automobiles, new models of turbulence, hybrid airships, and computational fluid dynamics, and wind tunnel measurements. The IIUM Low Speed wind tunnel with a test section of 2.3m x 1.5m x 6m at a max speed of 50 m/s (180 km/hr) with hotwire anemometer (CTA), Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), and six component balance are available for experimental studies.

Research Interests:

  • Drag reduction of bluff bodies
  • Turbulence research
  • Hybrid airships

Email: waqar@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Qasim Hussain Shah


My research work involves Fracture Mechanics, Damage/Failure Analysis, and impact engineering. I am an expert in the usage of Explicit Finite Element Analysis. My particular focus is in the effective usage of LS-DYNA to perform crash, impact, Fluid Structure Interaction, and explosion simulations using Lagrange, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), and Arbitrary Lagrange Eulerian (ALE) methods. I have been working for universities and engineering industry to equip the engineers in the usage of explicit finite element for several years.

Email: hqasim@iium.edu.my


Description and Research Interest

Prof. Eng Dr. Nassereldeen Ahmed Kabbashi




Prof Eng Dr. Nassereldeen Ahmed Kabbashi is a distinguished environmental Engineer specialist; comprehensively involved in research related to wastewater reuse, analysis, management, water quality. He has authored numerous technical reports on the topic and as expert with UNDP for surface water quality management. He is also advisor to many prominent environmental firms.

Research Interests:

  • Water and Wastewater quality characterization, solid waste management, modeling and assessment; impact assessment and rehabilitation
  • Renewable energy, biodiesel and bioethanol
  • Water quality processes and kinetics, environmental management and air pollution control

Email: nasreldin@iium.edu.my

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ali NoorbatchaIBRAHIM ALI NOOR BATCHA

I am interested in designing and developing proteins, specifically enzymes, with desired functional properties.  This research involves comprehensive integration of computational and experimental protein engineering approaches.  We have already successfully designed and tested functionally improved phytase, and currently working on cellulase.  My other research work involves production of nanoparticles using green technology approach. So far we have been able to produce gold, silver, zinc and manganese nanoparticles using microbes or plants. 

Research interests:

  • Designing and developing novel proteins/enzymes using modeling and experimental approaches
  • Production and applications of nanoparticles using green technology approaches
  • Quantitative structure activity relations using theoretical descriptors

Email: ibrahiman@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azura AmidAZURA BT. AMID

I am interested in Metabolic Disorder Diseases (MDD) and Protease research; specifically mechanism of actions of anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetics using OMICs technology, bioprocess of therapeutic agents.  We have good bioprocess laboratory and good collaboration with Malaysian Genome Institute (MGI) for OMICs facilities. Besides that we also have good collaboration with other university in Malaysia such as University Science Malaysia (APEX University) and University Technology Malaysia.

Research Interests:

  • Extraction and isolation of therapeutic agents for MDD from bacteria and plants
  • Upstream and downstream processing of therapeutic agents
  • Mechanism of actions of therapeutic agents by transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics techniques in-vitro and in-vivo.
  • Fermentation of bacteria for protease production (media formulation and optimization, fermentation optimization in bioreactor, and scale up strategy)

Email: azuraamid@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Yumi Zuhanis Has-Yun bt. Hashim

I am involved in multi-disciplinary areas of biomedical sciences and bioprocess engineering. My research interest lies in the ultimate goal of promoting healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases through the use and or consumption of natural products. This involves tools including mammalian cell culture and omics technology. I have special interest in agarwood (gaharu; oud) as well as halal research.

Research Interests:

  • Mammalian cell culture
  • Phytochemical/natural product processing
  • Omics and system biology

Email: yumi@iium.edu.my

Dr.  Nor Fadhillah Mohamed Azmin

My major areas of research interests include:-

  • data mining
  • multivariate data analysis for complex data sets
  • innovative techniques for feature selection
  • bioinformatics

Email: norfadhillah@iium.edu.my

Dr. Wan Wardatul Amani binti Wan Salim


Research Interests:

Development of advanced sensor technologies, and the applications of these technologies in answering important questions in agriculture, biology, environmental science, medicine and space biology.

Specific research interests:

  • Science and Engineering:

Development of  new sensor technologies (ion-sensors, biosensors, MEMS, lab-on-a-chip, nanosensors, etc.)

Development of new sensor technologies to prototype and commercial phases based on fundamental research in the fields of agriculture, biology, environmental science, medicine and space biology.

Development of a sensor technology resource database to serve the needs of basic agricultural, biological, and biomedical researchers.

  • Engineering Education:

Outreach for engineers and scientists to initiate new research collaboration and initiatives that result in the development of new sensor technologies.

Development of new bio-engineering courses (Biosensors and bioMEMS)

Development of new model-eliciting activities (MEAs) which are client-driven engineering problems built from research data which are to be utilize in engineering classrooms.

Email: asalim@iium.edu.my


Description and Research Interest


Prof. Dr. Amir Akramin ShafieAMIR AKRAMIN SHAFIE

Prof. Dr. Amir Akramin Shafie was born in Kelantan, Malaysia He received the B.Eng (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Dundee. He received MSc in Mechatronics from University of Abertay Dundee and PhD in Engineering from University of Dundee. From 2000-2005, he was a Researcher in SIRIM Berhad and since 2005. He is currently attached to Department of Mechatronics Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur as Associate Professor.  He has various published articles in books, refereed journals and various international conferences, some of which have been highly cited. 

Research Interests:

  • Machine vision
  • Intelligent system
  • Autonomous system

Email: aashafie@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asan G. A. Muthalif

Dr. Asan is from Johor, Malaysia. He received B.E (Mechatronics- 1st Hons), and MSc-Mechatronics Eng. from IIUM. He joined IIUM as a lecturer in 2000. He earned PhD from University of Cambridge, UK in 2008. He continued post-doctoral research for a year in Cambridge University. During this period, he had also served as a teaching assistant. He is currently the Deputy Dean (Academic) and Assoc. Prof. at Dept. of Mechatronics Engineering, IIUM. His research interests are Mechatronics, Active & Semi-Active vibration control, Smart Materials and Structures, Vibration energy harvesting, Mid-High frequency vibration modelling and control in build-up structures, Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA), MRF based prosthetic limbs and Bio-Mechatronics systems.

Research Interests:

  • Active and semi-active control of Vibration
  • Smart materials and structures
  • Energy harvesting

Email: asan@iium.edu.my

Dr. Yasir bin Mohd. Mustafah


My research interests are in the field of intelligent system and computer vision. Currently, I am working on various distributed mobile agents based surveillance projects to tackle issues such as crimes and environmental hazards. I am very keen of collaborative research and welcome any opportunity to work with collaborators from various field of research

Research Interests:

  • Computer Vision
  • Intelligent System
  • Embedded System

Email: yasir@iium.edu.my

Dr. Norsinnira Zainul Azlan


My research areas are anthropomorphic robotic hands, nonlinear control and hand rehabilitation robots. My current and previous research works include Anthropomorphic Robotic Finger Development based on Four Bar Linkage Mechanism, F.A.T.-based Adaptive Impedance Control, Robust Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulator, Shoe-Tying Robots, Massaging Robot and Hand Rehabilitation Robot for Eating Activity. Interested students are most welcome to be part of my research team.

Research Interests:

  •  Anthropomorphic Robotic Hands
  •  Nonlinear Control
  •  Hand Rehabilitation Robots

Email: sinnira@iium.edu.my


Description and Research Interest

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teddy Surya Gunawan



Dr. Teddy received his B.Eng degree in Electrical Engineering with cum laude award from Institute Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia in 1998. He obtained his M.Eng degree in 2001 from the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and PhD degree in 2007 from the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, The University of New South Wales, Australia. He is currently an IEEE Senior Member (since 2012) and the chairman of IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society (2013 and 2014) 

Research interests:

  • Speech and audio signal processing
  • Genomic signal processing
  • Biomedical instrumentation and signal processing
  • Image processing and computer vision
  • Parallel processing and cluster computing

Email: tsgunawan@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurul Fadzlin Hasbullah

Research Interests:

  • Electrical characterisation of semiconductor materials :
    • Current-voltage, capacitance-voltage measurements
    • III-V materials, quantum dot structures etc
  • Optical characterisation of semiconductor materials :
    • Photoluminescence, electroluminescence, photocurrent
    • III-V materials, quantum dot structures
  • Radiation hard electronics/material
    • Neutron, x-ray, electron, gamma and other sources of radiation

Email: nfadzlinh@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khaizuran Abdullah

I am keen on investigation related to wireless communication, especially about  OFDM, cognitive radio and LTE, however I am open to suggestions in the fields of greenhouse technology and electrical/electronic devices.

Research Interests:


  • Signal processing communications
  • 3G cellular technology
  • RF/Microwave communication
  • Wavelet Transform

Email: khaizuran@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suhaimi Abdul Latiff


Research Interests:

  • Open sources mobile computing

Email: suhaimie@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amelia Wong Azman

My research interests revolve in the area of system design. Currently I am working on a project that involves Medical Engineering particularly for the purpose of rehabilitation. Previously I’ve worked in the research field of computer visions and smart surveillances that targeted implementations on FPGA platforms.

Research Interests:

  • System Design - digital/analogue
  • Reconfigurable architecture
  • Electrical Stimulation

Email: amy@iium.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasmah Mansor

Research Interests:

  • Process Control
  • Modelling and Simulations
  • Adaptive Control
  • Robust Control (QFT)
  • Intelligent Control,
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Health Monitoring Systems
  • RFID.

Email: hasmahm@iium.edu.my

Dr. Nor Farahidah Za’bah


I am interested in investigating more into the development of silicon nanowires into biosensors and non-planar MOSFETs. In addition, I am open to proposals that involve nano and microelectronics components especially on design and fabrication.

Research Interests:

  • Fabrication Technology and Processes
  • Silicon Nanowires
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Electronics - Micro and Nano

Email: adah510@iium.edu.my

Dr. Huda Adibah Mohd. Ramli

I am interested in radio resource management in mobile cellular communications. My current research concentrates on component carrier selection, packet scheduling and radio propagation in Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) system.

Research Interests:

  • Component carrier selection
  • Packet scheduling
  • Radio propagation in long term evolution-advanced (LTE-A) system

Email: hadibahm@iium.edu.my

Dr. Rosminazuin Ab. Rahim



I am especially keen on MEMS research (simulation and fabrication) - pieoresistive/ piezoelectric sensor, energy harvester, etc

Research Interests:

  • MEMS/CMOS Technology
  • Finite Element Simulation
  • Microfabrication Process

Email: rosmi@iium.edu.my

Dr. Ani Liza Asnawi


Research interests include:

  • Software Engineering, particularly in software processes and Agile methods.
  • Empirical Software Engineering.
  • Human Factors in Software Engineering.
  • Big Data, data processing and analysis.
  • Mobile and Wireless Communication
  • Handover in Wireless Network.

Email: aniliza@iium.edu.my

Dr. Afidalina Tumian

My research interest covers several areas in evolutionary biology and population genetics, combining both theoretical work and empirical analyses. In particular, I am passionate about studying the genomes of human as well as other species (i.e. primates, birds etc) and specifically looking into the evolutionary aspect of recombination process. 

By applying some statistical methods on the genome-wide sequences of human and greater primates, we have discovered places in these genomes that could possibly be the sites of ancient recombination. This exciting finding hints us about recombination process which has taken place in the past. We hope by answering more fundamental biological questions, it will provide more insights and better understanding about recombination process and its evolutionary aspect across species.

I am currently extending the work from my DPhil thesis, using the new high-coverage Denisovan and Neanderthal genomes. I am still working closely and collaborating with my DPhil supervisor from Department of Statistics, University of Oxford. In due time, we are also aiming to apply the existing method to other species.

I am in the process of applying research grants to further expand my research interest in this area as well as in other bioinformatics-related topics. I will keep my staff website (http://staff.iium.edu.my/afidalina) updated, and put up formal advertisement on opportunities to perform research under my group

Research Interests:

  • Evolutionary Genomics
  • Population Genetics
  • Bioinformatics

Email: afidalina@iium.edu.my

Dr. Farah Hani Abd Rahim (leave of absence)

My research interest spans from as wide as atmospheric science to as narrow as precipitable water vapor derived using GPS data, with particular inclination towards climate change.

Research Interests:

  • GPS precipitable water vapor
  • El Niño-Southern Oscillation and the tropics
  • Water cycle and climate change

Email: farahhani@iium.edu.my