Research Groups

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Research and development form an important part of the activities of the University. The Kulliyyah encourages its staff to do R & D work as well as provide consultancy services to industry and business in their areas of expertise.

Funds are provided through Research Center, Fundamental Research Grant, Science Fund , Techno fund for staff to carry out approved research projects. Research fellows and other research staff are also appointed to spearhead and assist in research activities.

To spearhead the research activities at Kulliyyah of Engineering, several research units and groups have been formed.

1 Autonomous Agent Research Group (AARG)
2 Bioenvironmental Engineering Research Unit (BERU)
3 Biomedical Engineering Research Group (BERG)
4 Bio-Molecular Engineering Research Unit (BioMERU)
5 Bioprocess Engineering Research Group (BERG)
6 Computer Networking Research Group (NRG)
7 Experimental & Computational Thermofluid Mechanics Research Group (ECTMRG)
8 Information Assurance Research Group (IARG)
9 Intelligent Mechatronics System Research Group (IMSRG)
10 Islamization, Values and Ethics in Engineering Sciences Research Group (IVEESRG)
11 Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Research Group (MMSERG)
12 Micro/Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems Research Grou (MEMSRG)
13 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Group (NanoRG)
14 Precision Manufacturing Research Group (PMRG)
15 Renewable Energy Research Group (RERG)
16 Structural Mechanics & Dynamics Research Group (SMDRG)
17 VLSI and System Design Research Unit (VLSISDRU)
18 Wireless Communication and Data Processing Research Group (WCDPRG)


The Kulliyyah has established the Advanced Engineering and Innovation Center (AEIC) to promote industrial linkages between the university and industrial partners. Among the services of AEIC  are conducting are :

   Executive Masters Program
   Engineering consultancy
   Contract research
   Short engineering related courses, and Seminars.

The Kulliyyah and AEIC have many research collaborations with private companies such as PROTON, Perodua, MIMOS, Sapura, Hewlet Packard, Siemens, Apex Communications, MCRIA, Autotest, Novico Technology , etc

As the Kulliyyah of Engineering progresses, Postgraduate Programmes and research activities are part of its strategic plan. Close collaboration with the industries and other research institutions will be an important element in achieving the vision of the Kulliyyah in the process of contributing to the development of the country.