Information Assurance Research Group (IARG)

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Information Assurance (IA) is very closely related to information, security and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, IA’s broader connotation also includes reliability and due emphasis on strategic risk management along with necessary tools and techniques. Therefore, IA is best thought of as a superset of information security.

IARG is accordingly envisioned to support a broad spectrum of activities aimed at developing an appropriate science and technology base to enhance information assurance and networked information system trustworthiness – system and network security, reliability and assurance.

The R&D activities of IARG can be divided into the following broad sub-areas:

  • Information Security including topics such as cryptographic tools and techniques; cryptanalysis; secure key generation, distribution and management; public key infrastructure, protocols for secure exchange of information over networks, digital watermaking and protection of IPRs
  • Error Control Coding, Fault Tolerant and Trusted Computing for reliability and assurance
  • Secure Software Development

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