Responsibilities of Head of Research

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  1. Facilitate the growth of research activity in the Kulliyyah, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this.
  2. Coordinate and plan the development of research infrastructure in the Kulliyyah.
  3. Coordinate the evaluation of applications for internal and external grants at the Kulliyyah.
  4. Facilitate research mentorship in the Kulliyyah.
  5. Advise and report to the Dean/ Deputy Dean of PG&R on all Kulliyyah matters relating to research including regular reports in the KBM.
  6. Facilitate and monitor research performance within the Kulliyyah.
  7. Maintain and disseminate current information about relevant research policy and initiatives in government, relevant industries, including external funding opportunities.
  8. Collaborate with RMC to develop strategies to foster research collaborations within the Kulliyyah, with the other Kulliyyahs and Institutes, and with parties outside IIUM.
  9. Making recommendations to the Dean and Deputy Dean of PG&R on the establishment, implementation, and evaluation of Kulliyyah and University targets with regard to :

          a. research conducted by Postgraduate students.

          b. research opportunities, particularly external fundings for research.

          c. research outputs, including refereed publications, IPs and commercialized products.