06. Incomplete Grade

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  • A temporary grade of incomplete, or 'I', may be given in instances of incomplete projects and term papers where strong justification is provided by the instructor and approved by the Centre.
  • Under no circumstances may the grade of 'I' be given for the following situations:

- Absent from an end-of-semester examination without prior approval from the Programme Head of the Centre.

- A student who wishes to do additional post-semester work in order to improve a grade; or

- A student who wishes to repeat the course as auditor, retaking examination, etc., in order to improve a grade.

  • Where an 'I' grade is given, the student must submit completed assignments within four (4) weeks from the date of the final examination of the course.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to submit his assignments on time and no reminders will be issued by the Centre to the student.
  • If the student fails to submit the assignment within the stipulated time, the grade of 'I' will be converted to an 'F'.