Doctor of Business Administration

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Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is an executive programme based on scientific research activities, designed primarily for those with managerial working experience who wish to enhance their professional practice and deepen their management knowledge and skills in the field of business administration through intensive study and research. DBA aims at improving business and managerial practices by improving the students’ personal, intellectual and academic skills. Some of the objectives are:

• To relate scientific studies with practical issues of professional development.

• To advance the professional development of senior managers and other professionals in the field of business and management through the generation of knowledge that contributes to management practice and policy.

• To equip candidates with practical and applicable process management and research skills which will enable them to make key leadership contributions in their area(s) of specialisation.

• To provide a doctoral degree programme in Business Administration that integrates both Islamic and conventional perspectives that is at par with other international doctoral programmes in Business Administration.

• To produce intellectuals who have the expertise and abilities to make decisions and implement business policies which are effective and relevant based on Islamic principles.

• To encourage and promote research and development activities in the areas of Management, Marketing and Finance based on Islamic perspective.

“What a great avenue for outstanding students to
be able to study without any financial constrains and
to experience the rigorous programme at the
Graduate School of Management”.

- Miranti Kartika Dewi, Indonesia,
Rector’s Fellowship recipient, 2006-