Master of Business Administration

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The International Islamic University Malaysia MBA programme was launched in 1995 as a part-time programme and has been well received by Malaysian executives. Following its success, a full-time MBA programme was introduced to cater for both local and international students. The MBA programme is specially designed to meet the needs of potential managers and executives. The programme is designed on the lines of American MBA programmes and provides students with a strong foundation in the concepts, principles and techniques of modern business management. The programme’s convenient modular format provides mid-career professionals an opportunity for both career advancement, as well as corporate networking.

MBA Programme Objectives

The programme is an intensive, intellectually challenging introduction to an advanced study of business management through the distinctive approach of providing a framework for analysis and implementation. Most courses are taught using the case methods to enable the integration of knowledge delivery with problem solving skills. Upon completing the programme, students will have gained:

• an integrated understanding of the core disciplines of management;
• develop the skills in solving business problems;
• develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills through working in small
groups and involvement in presentations and discussions;
• acquire in-depth knowledge of their chosen areas of specialisation;
• the motivation to implement change and to improve existing management practices;
• an ability to withstand sustained pressure and to meet strict deadlines.

“The MBA programme is very
challengeing and full of excitement!”.

- Lorena Frischeisen,
Financial Analyst, LARIBA,
Amarican Finance House, USA-