MBA Dual Specialisation

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An MBA student may now specialise in two different specialisation areas from the existing 4 available fields (Islamic banking & Finance, General Management, Strategic Management, and Finance). To receive a dual specialisation, a student must complete four (4) additional specialisation courses that fulfill the requirement for the second specialisation. This means that a student will have to enroll in three (3) additional new specialisation courses, in addition to the one elective (which has to be under the new specialisation) under the existing MBA programme. However, if you intend to take up a project paper in lieu of the elective course, the subject matter of your research has to be in your chosen specialisation areas.

For those who are interested, kindly obtain the dual specialization form from the GSM's information counter. Below are the eligibility criteria for you to apply for the MBA Dual Specialisation:


1. You must be a registered student under the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme.

2. You have completed of a minimum of 18 credit hours of core courses (6 courses).

3. You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.


Note: The application must be submitted only after fulfilling the above requirements. Students who would like to pursue a dual specialisation are advised to submit their application form in their third trimester (full-time) or sixth trimester (part-time).

For further details, kindly contact Sr. Raja Nur Sabrina at 03-6196 4183/



General Management

  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Organisational Change & Development
  • One elective from any other specialisation


  • Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance
  • Managing Risks with Futures & Options
  • Corporate Finance OR Financial Analysis for Decision Making

Strategic Management

  • Management Control Systems
  • Organisational Change & Development
  • Advance Strategic Management
  • Corporate Finance OR Financial Analysis for Decision Making

Islamic Banking & Finance

  • Al-Shariah, Economics & Society
  • Fiqh Al-Muamalah in Banking & Finance
  • Islamic Financial System & Environment
  • Accounting & Control of Islamic Financial Institutions