MMgt Admission Requirements

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Admission Requirements

1. A good bachelor’s degree from IIUM or any other institutions of higher learning approved by the University Senate. A professional qualification which is certified equivalent to a degree under Malaysian laws and approved by the University Senate can also be considered.

2. Working experience in a management or executive position would be an advantage.

3. Proficiency in English language (where necessary candidates may be required to sit for an English language proficiency test).

4. A minimum score of 550 (PBT-TOEFL), 213 (CBT-TOEFL), 79 (IBT-TOEFL), 6.0 (IELTS) or 6.0 (EPT) is required for international applicants.

PBT-TOEFL = Paper based test TOEFL
CBT-TOEFL = Computer based test TOEFL
IBT-TOEFL = Internet Based Test TOEFL
EPT = English Placement Test


Application Form: Master of Management