Director's Foreward

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Director's Foreward

By: Madam Hasleena Binti Mohamad Arsad


On behalf of the International Affairs Division, I would like to welcome all new students who joined the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) for the 2nd Semester, Session 2014/2015. Wishing them all a successful academic journey, we also hope that they will enjoy their stay in IIUM as well as in Malaysia.

Similarly, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to all staff and student committees who have been helping the International Affairs Division in serving the seniors and the new students all the time, especially in the programs conducted by IAD such as welcoming program, Eid programs and others.

If Allah wills, our upcoming program for 2015 will be the “Global Ummatic Festival”. We hope that all the local and international students will participate in this program as it is not meant for the internationals only. This is the week where we could learn and observe the cross cultural interaction. We can see the life and the culture of the Muslim ummah fromall over the world.

Another concern and emphasis that I would like to address is the renewing of students’ visa annually while staying in Malaysia. We hope that international students check regularly the validity of their visa. In whatever way, students should try to make a reminder for their visa expiry.

Last but not the least, I would like to stress on the fact that you students of this Islamic university are the future leaders for the Muslim world. As a future leader, your way of life will be followed by people who are under your responsibility. We should ensure that we live according to Allah’s guidance. Therefore, I would like to urge the students to take this advantage while studying in IIUM to be more disciplined and to improve ourselves in terms of IIUM code of conduct. Just keep in mind to always apply the concept “Today will be better than Yesterday”. This means that we have to increase our quality of Akhlaaq and fear of Allaah (Taqwa) every day and every time.

IIUM is striving to be a good place where all students, whether male or female, can start learn and practise virtue and good behaviour where IIUM serves as a platform for its students to learn to be more disciplined and become a better community member seeking the pleasure of Allah the Almighty.