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1. How much is the fees for student pass and visa?

a) Student pass - Rm60.00 a year or part of a year

b) Visa / Re-entry pass - According to country (not exceeding RM100.00)


2. When do I have to submit my passport for renewal of the student pass?

Students are advised to renew their student pass three (3) month before the expiry date.


3. How if I want to bring my family to accompany me during my studies?

Apply for approval letter from immigration department at Office of Intenational Affairs. Required documents are:-

a) Copy of passport - student and family

b) Student's offer letter / certification letter

c) Copy of marriage certificate (if you want to bring your spouse)

d) Students birth certificate (if you want to bring your parents)

d) Child birth certificate (if you want to bring your children)

After you received approval letter from immigration department, you have to send the original copy of the letter to your family to obtain the visa at the nearest Malaysian embassy / consulate / high commission for immigration clearance. The visa pass will be issued to your family after their arrival in Malaysia. 


Mobility Unit


Mevlana Exchange Programme FAQ


Normal Exchange Programme


1) What is student exchange (inbound) programme?

A full time student from recognised foreign public or private university that has signed an MoU and MoA for "Student exchange programme" with IIUM.


2) How about the fee and what is meant by tuition waive?

Student exchange will get a tuition fee if stipulated in an agreement between their home university and IIUM. However, other expenses such as airfare, administration fee, visa charges and other cost will be borne by the student or their home university.


3) Is there any budget allocation or incentive from university for inbound students?

Yes, IIUM student can get budget allocation or incentive from university after it’s approved by top management.