Nusantara Summer Programme

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Why is this interesting for me?

The Summer Course on Islamic Studies has been implemented since 2003 during the month of June and
lasts for 4 weeks. The course is aimed at young Muslim from minority countries who would like to spend
some time in a ‘study abroad programme’ which is designed to enrich their religious identity and
stimulate spiritual growth besides deriving useful knowledge from their spent at the international
Islamic University Malaysia. This programme of IIUM offers an intensive Islamic course that will focus
mainly on General Islamic Studies and the Arabic language.

How long is the course?

4 weeks


Learning Objectives

The Objectives of this course are:

  • acquainting participants with meanings, objective, and importance of the central themes of knowledge and civilization from the Islamic perspective;
  • describing and elucidating the various sources of knowledge and methodologies of inquiry from both Islamic and non-Islamic perspectives;
  • recognizing and acknowledging the Muslim contributions to various fields of knowledge and science;
  • to enable participants to be able to recognize the Arabic language so as to be able to read the Quran well; and
  • introducing participant to the challenges facing the Muslim ummah globally and exploring available alternatives to the revival of the Islamic civilization.

What do I expect to learn?

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • have a good knowledge and understanding of significant Islamic pillars and principle;
  • be able to appreciate the knowledge obtained as transmi5ed by IIUM which integrates the qualities of faith (iman), knowledge ( ̀ilm), and good character (akhlaq);
  • be able to appreciate the impact of Islamic civilization to other world civilizations and obtain an understanding of the global challenges facing the ummah; and
  • have an enhanced understanding of intercultural and civilization aspects of Islam especially in multicultural Malaysia as well as across communities and nations.

How do I experience learning?

Lectures, Discussions, Site Visits

How am I assessed?

Assessment will be based on continuous evaluation and level of participation throughout the course